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USA » California » Los Angeles area

Also see San Diego and Palm Springs

Overview: The only standouts in the Los Angeles area are the two Hollywood Spas and the Flex Spa. Flex is the only bathhouse in LA that has an outdoor pool making it ideal on sunny afternoons. The Hollywood Spa on Ivar Street is a morgue during the daytime and only comes alive at night. The Hollywood Spa on Vineland has a good afternoon crowd and a rooftop sunbathing patio. The other bathhouses in LA are nothing special.

West Hollywood
Broadway Corridor, Long Beach
Laguna Beach
Silver Lake

Los Angeles Bathhouse History, Part 1
Los Angeles Bathhouse History, Part 2

Long Beach Area

1350 Club
510 West Anaheim Street
3 miles west of 710 Freeway
310 830 4784
24 Hours  Lockers 71 Rooms 30
Many Asians here.

Downtown Los Angeles

Midtowne Spa
615 South Kohler Street
Near Sixth & Central Streets
Bus: 16, 18, 53
213 680 1838
24 Hours. Lockers 100 Rooms 62
Has a heavy black and Latino clientele. Indoor pool.
Tuesdays are very busy [half price day]. The crowd is about 75% Latin.


4424 Melrose Avenue
Melrose Ave. & 101 Freeway
323 663 7786
24 Hours. Lockers 150 Rooms 30
Only bathhouse with an outdoor pool. Great on sunny afternoons. Located on Melrose at the Highway 101 off ramp. Ivy covered brick wall facing the street. Go around to parking lot to enter.


Hollywood Spa
1650 Ivar Street
323 463 5169
24 Hours
Located around the corner from the famed intersection of "Hollywood & Vine" the very large and nice establishment has 3 floors and more rooms than anyone else. It is, however, totally dead during daylight hours and only comes alive at night, especially after hours.

Tinseltown Trivia: Two blocks north of the Hollywood Spa at 1851 North Ivar Street is the apartment of everyone's favorite male-prostitute William Holden in the opening scenes of Sunset Blvd.

North Hollywood

North Hollywood Spa
5636 Vineland Avenue
818 760 6969
24 Hours. Lockers 100 Rooms 45
A very nice place with dozens of rooms and a counter service snack bar and deli. Outdoor roof top sunbathing deck. Near Universal Studios.

Van Nuys

Roman Holiday
14435 Victory Blvd
818 780 1320
24 Hours
Locker 20 Rooms 45

Santa Monica--Venice

Roman Holiday
12814 Venice Blvd
310 391 0200
24 Hours
Lockers 8 Rooms 24
Minimum age for entry is 21

West Hollywood

Melrose Spa
7269 Melrose Avenue
3 blocks west of La Brea Ave.
323 937 2122
24 Hours
Lockers 60 Rooms 29
I'm fond of this place because it's where I find straight men. And they don't frequent the other places like they do this one. There's something unique about a "neighborhood" spa from the past. Unlike the bigger, more commercial bathhouses, they draw a much different clientele. And if you blink while driving by, you'll miss the building, which adds to the secrecy of it all (thus, making it good for straights). If it ever closes, I'll be out of a place to go, as the other bathhouses are frequented by the crystal-meth crowd, which doesn't interest me.
                               -----Gino Colbert [porn star and producer]

Riverside/San Bernardino

Total Body Therapy
808 North Arrowhead Avenue
909 888 7242
24 Hours
Los Angeles--Downtown
123 East Fourth Street
213 972 9145

Advertises itself as a bathhouse to the Latino community. It is primarily busy during the afternoon and early evening and is know for a large bi-sexual Latino crowd. The place is very old and run down. In its hey-day it was a regular haunt of Rock Hudson.

Hollywood  [Sex Club]
The Zone
1037 North Sycamore
323 464 8881
Hours Vary
Los Angeles [Sex Club]
3688 Beverly Blvd
2 blocks east of Vermont
213 388 8040
Hours Vary
Dress code may apply: Leather, uniforms, jockstraps...
West Hollywood [Adult Theater]
TomKat Theater [Studs]
7738 Santa Monica Blvd.
(323) 650 9551
The TomKat Theater has been renamed the STUDS THEATRE. It was originally the called The Monica [a mainstream neighborhood house] until it became the premier straight porn theater "Pussycat." Then in 1993 they wanted to experiment a little and booked a gay feature called "Sunsex Blvd." The financial success of that movie changed everything. From then on it became a gay cinema, never to return to straight movies again. The theater has been remodeled and now contains 5 screens. Four screens are gay porn and one is straight porn.

Article from L.A. Weekly newspaper:
From the Pussycat’s ashes the Tomkat theater arose, manlier and smuttier, where all day, every day, it’s spank-the-monkey time. The all-male watering hole for the trench-coat crowd is a teary reminder of the adult world’s yesteryear, when you didn’t need an Internet hookup to watch filth. With X-rated movie houses near extinction, thanks to home rentals and multiplexes popping up faster than you can say Starbucks, the Tomkat is one of the few gay porn theaters left. Part of the chain that once operated more than a hundred Pussycats across the state, the theater started showing skin flicks in the early ’70s, house favorites like "The Devil in Miss Jones" and "Deep Throat" had lines of enthusiasts wrapped around the block. It turned into an all-male review in 1993. For the low price of admission and popcorn, you can, ahem, take in "How the West Was Hung," "Ocean's Eleven Inches" or "The DaVinci Load." Outside, there’s a porn walk-of-fame with the foot and handprints (sorry, no genitals) of John Holmes, Marilyn Chambers and porn-star-turned-anti-porn-activist Linda Lovelace.

West Hollywood [Hotel]
San Vicente Inn
845 San Vicente Blvd
800 577 6915
Excellent location. Within walking distance of West Hollywood bars and nightlife. Only drawback is the parking situation which requires that you leave your car keys at the front desk since they need to shuffle cars around occasionally due to tandem parking.
Hollywood [Hotel]
Coral Sands Motel
1730 North Western Avenue
323 467 5141
58 Rooms
Although the hotel's website makes it look rather plain it has quite a notorious reputation. Very good parking situation. Rooms all ring around a swimming pool. No one from the outside can enter except the guests. Lots of cruising.
West Hollywood [Hotel]
Holloway Motel
8465 Santa Monica Blvd
323 654 2454
This is a 22 room motel in the heart of West Hollywood. No pool and no nudity but it is moderately priced and has a terrific location in the very center of the West Hollywood--Santa Monica Blvd district. Ideal for bringing home one nighters.
West Hollywood [Hotel]
Ramada Hotel
8585 Santa Monica Blvd.
This hotel doesn't really qualify as a "sexy place." It is a typical chain hotel and quite expensive. However, it has an absolutely ideal location in the very center of West Hollywood's cruisiest district.

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