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North America » Mexico » Mexico City

Also see Mexico
Two of the better saunas in Mexico City are Finisterre and Sodome. La Toalla and Spacio are next in line.
So Do Me
Mariano Escobedo #716
Deleg. Miguel Hidalgo
Mexico D.F.
5252 6653
One of the better saunas. Very close to European standards.
Banos Colonial
Plaza de San Jacinto
Near Revolucion
Banos Finisterre
C/. Manuel Ma. Contreras 11, Col. San Rafael
Metro: San Cosme
55 5535 3545
One of the more popular saunas especially after hours.
Be sure to ask for the "general" steam rooms.
Banos Mina
Mina #100
Near Alameda Park
55 5512 9910
Banos Rocio
C/. Tlalpan 1165
55 5539 8830
Banos San Juan
C/. Lopez 120
Metro: Salto de Agua
55 5521 3376
Banos Senorial
Isabel la Catolica No. 92, Centro
Centro, Metro: Isabel la Catolica
55 5709 0732
Mostly straight --- proceed with caution.
Club San Francisco
Rio Panuco 207, Zona Rosa
55 5525 0936
Hard to locate and only works as a gay sauna on some days of the week.
Berna 13, Col. Juarez
Between Florencia y Reforma
55 5511 7510
24 Hours
La Toalla [2 Locations]
Openly gay but difficult to locate as there are no signs outside just a door bell.
La Toalla Valle
Cda. Sánchez Azcona 1724, col. Del Valle
5534 9399

La Toalla Obregon
Alvaro Obregón, 259, col. Roma
5511 0686
Banos Rocio
C/. Tlalpan 1165
55 55 39 88 30

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