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Bathhouse Photo Tour

This photo tour is to give you some idea of the offerings at bathhouses. Not all bathhouses have all of these facilities. Some are quite small and have few amenities while others are large and have many.

Now grab a towel and let's get going....

First, show your ID [you must be over 18]

Second, sign membership agreement

Third, stow valuables in safety-deposit box


You will now be admitted and issued a towel

Front Desk  / Lube / Poppers / Condoms

Douche--Enema  / Cock Rings  / Toiletries

Locker Room

Steam Room

Dry Sauna

Private Rooms

Mazes / Dark Rooms / Play Areas

Slings / Glory Holes / Orgy Rooms

Outdoor Pools

Outdoor Patio / Terrace

Indoor Pools

Hot Tubs / Jacuzzi / Whirlpool

Nude Sunbathing

Snack Bar / Vending Machines / Cafe



Game Room / Lounge  / Internet Access

Group Video Room / Adult Theater

Weight Room / Gym

Tanning Beds / Solarium

Bathrooms / Grooming



Open 24 hours

We're waiting for you.....



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